Doorvi App || How To Secure From Home Visitors, Identify Get Secure

Doorvi app can give protection from unknown home visitors when you staying alone inside the home or penthouse or in any closed palce area. When someone trying to visit through calling bell or knocking door other sounds options, let them ask to use doorvi QR scan sticker providing app, after confirm their identity from doorvi app QR sticker then only meet the. Really this is extremely amazing app from bolo international limited developers.

You can try this, how to get call details of any number

How Doorvi App Works, Download, Install, Print Doorvi QR Scan

Doorvi app now launched for Android  IOS, PC devices seperately, so you can use both are. How doorvi app works vibrantly?

This is the best competence app to give home visitors details through video call simply using QR scan which already sticked bedside the calling bell or at main gate. Through this method you can maintain high secure when you staying alone or if your house far away from city, without neighbour house, In that case everybody must take care instead of careless. So use free doorvi app and get additional security. This app works based on the simple steps no need to get confuse, try once and it will be in your mind.

Doorvi app

Many movies covered how robbers Robb you when you don’t have minimum security, sometime security also can’t help you but that’s another thing. Any how we have to be alert always, don’t leave even small hope to be secure. In case if you want such security at free of cost, doorvi app can do that.

Use that worthwhile situation to stop attack. Don’t open door until watch their face and surroundings properly. It provides high clarity video including clear voice as like real video call.

Before you meet any home vistor at your house use doorvi app security always, no need spend any buck.

Are you seeking for newly invented technology apps? If yes, here you are getting obviously robust application.

Download Doorvi app version 2.1 extremely useful application, install now directly from using download link.

Stick your Doorvi QR scan paper to get secure when you alone at home or somewhere else like penthouse, private place, etc. Launched in Jun 2022. Through this way all parents can take care of their childrens quickly.

How to Get person Doorvi QR Scan?

Very simple steps behind install app just click here and wait few seconds.

Next you have to enter mobile number and verify.

Set your flat or present location address. Once initial steps done. You can get your QR scan copy, get print and use. You can share in all social media, WhatsApp, instgram, etc to your friends and family members.

Doorvi app

You get like this

Tool less and no required any wire device, it works like a security gaurd, you can Get alert and canr save by any saving point.

You can answer the call anytime from anywhere, even you outside. Application size 20MB only. Life time validity offered.

Download doorvi app.

App size only 21 MB, visitor must have QR scan app.

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