Best Creative App To Create WhatsApp Status

Create the best WhatsApp status and get more greetings from your contacts, here we are discussing an android app that is great app to create small funny videos, after created the video you can use anywhere on social media. Really who are exiting to create a fantastic in various new styles videos and that gonna never seen their life (Exactly new awesome video) that is why to follow my video tutorial or this paper.

How To Make Funny Entertinment WhatsApp Status

Really you can make a little fun with your photos, just add your pic there and apply that effect, If you want more depth on this topic don’t skip the video watch till the end.

Here you can download the app which we used in the video.

The app completely supports all android phones but if that is old you may get little struck so maintain the version 5 + device.

Read About VFly

Vfly, this is we used in the video so if you want to make the same like that video download the app from below.

Read the complete details of vfly Photos & Video Magic effects Edit

First Read Features

  • After using this app I can say this is a multipurpose app.
  • You can create love, emotional, morning, night wishes and quotations easily.
  • All kins of effects has been added there.
  • You can create a excellent fun videos with your original pic.
  • The share option is there and personally you can download the video.

So after you watch and likes video you can create a similar video by using your pic.

Download the vfly Photos & Video Magic effects.

Final words about the vfly app:

Choose the best template over the 100 + and download it and apply your photo on that particular place than the video will be created. If you like this please and like the facebook page.

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