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Boycott China products, apps, it has been Trending from the past few days in India, Also Indian government legally banned 59 china apps which are launched by china country companies. be safe your data, our nation from China. Do not encourage any china apps, this is our nation sake, remain all in our hands using or uninstall.

Detect China Apps

Before you uninstall you must know which is china app or not, to conform that we are discussing here how to find or detect China apps.

To detect China apps in your phone you must download an app application. The application details, download link, process of finding everything obtained here, not only china apps detect app, also you can get all Indian apps, games at one place app, without any confusion you can download and use easily.

Many people are really looking for detecting china app process because they are unable to find out which are china apps.

China Apps Detector App
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    China apps finder app for anroid - 4.8/10
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    remove china apps app - 4.7/10
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    How to find china apps - 4.9/10
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    China apps detector android app - 4.9/10


Do you want to remove china apps and want to use only non china (Indian apps), this post describes how to detect/ find china apps in your phone to remove quickly, at the same time find only Indian apps, games from this app store. look at this post and get information more related to the this topic.

Patriotism is essential in present situation, show patriotism each and every one, then only we can achieve our goals, boycott China apps. Many apps not working in India which are china country apps, still by mistakenly using any apps now find and delete. If you want, I’m not going to criticize anyone personally.

China Apps Detector Click here

App size 5.5 MB ONLY.


Indian Apps, Games Store

Now I’m introducing one app that app contain only india country apps, games. Here You can get best alternative apps to china apps.


  • No need to confusion, all apps available in playstore, check again if you have any doubts.
  • Best Indian Games also seperated.
  • Try this app and get all indian developed apps.

china apps detecto, indian apps store

Download the India apps, games store detector app.

App size 4.19 MB. Rating 5.0

Developed by developer insider.

Both apps links available here you can download easily.

If you have any thing else, leave your questions in comment section.

I hope this information likes everyone.

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