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Cometin is a developing assortment of stunts and changes for your Android gadget

What is Cometin

Cometin is a developing assortment of changes and deceives to streamline your efficiency and further develop the Android experience.

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Cometin App:-

With dynamic highlights you can part an application into a few sections. This is precisely exact thing Cometin is.

Cometin is a developing assortment of stunts and changes for your Android gadget, split into modules.

This way you just download your desired highlights to utilize and save your extra room.

Accessible modules (for certain little portrayals)

Surrounding show

bring a modified Surrounding show, Consistently in plain view and wave to wake to your gadget

• Application storage

Lock applications behind a password or example

Better turn

Powers each application to be viable with each direction including 180 degrees


Keep your screen on for a specific measure of time

Cometin Sync

Sync notices, and notes among telephones and work areas

More obscure brilliance

Go underneath the base brilliance by applying a dull overlay on top of your screen

• Flip to shhh (Cometin 2.0 and up)

Flip your telephone face down to quiet warnings (with the exception of alerts)

• Fair warning

Conceal head-up warnings

• Vivid

Stow away status bar, navigationbar or both

• Equal

Make a work profile to seperate individual and work.

• Remap partner

Execute an alternate activity while opening the colleague

• Shake activities (Cometin 2.0 and up)

Execute an alternate activity while shaking the gadget

Is this safe?

Indeed! All modules are just served from the Google Play Store, all modules are examined by Google Play Secure so nothing to stress over!

Introducing modules:

The establishment of modules is done right away, and you can utilize the module following establishment.

Refreshing modules:

Introduced modules are naturally refreshed along with Cometin. No problem with independent documents!

Eliminating modules:

Module uninstalls don’t happen right away. That is, the gadget uninstalls them behind the scenes in the following 24 hours or with another Cometin update.

Demand for new elements:

Demands for new highlights are dependably welcome! Nonetheless, I can’t guarantee anything about the genuine appearance of these highlights.

What authorization Cometin asks for and for what good reason

Each authorization checks out, and depictions in the framework settings make sense of which modules utilize what consents.

* To utilize in excess of 5 modules simultaneously a little gift is required.

Cometin Cloud

What is Cometin Cloud

Cometin Cloud is a cloud administration for putting away information with the goal that it very well may be recovered on different gadgets. Cometin Cloud comprises of a data set where data is put away for a brief time and safely.

Erasing/overseeing information

While making a Cometin Cloud meeting, a remarkable ID is made under which data is put away. You can forever erase all data whenever. Also, all data is naturally erased following multi month of inertia.

Download the app cometin.

Apk Analyzer app:-

Apk Analyzer is the most downloaded apk analyzer application on Google Play store. It gives a nitty gritty report of introduced applications and furthermore gives investigation of uninstalled apk records from your gadget stockpiling.

It is open source and totally promotion free application.

Principal elements of the application report:-

 Application naming and variant information

*Target and least Android variants

* Introduce and refresh dates

* Authentication and application sign information

* Authorizations are utilized with clarification

* Tasks with send off choice

* Administrations, Broadcast Beneficiaries and Content Suppliers

* Required and discretionary equipment particulars

* Full form of AndroidManifest.xml with save choice

Introduced applications are saved and partaken in gadget capacity. The application symbol can be saved also! The application disentangles the principal metadata document android manifest and saves it to outer capacity as decipherable xml.

Apk Analyzer makes sense of application report to you prior to introducing from APK record.

  Apk Analyzer Authorizations:-

• List all authorizations mentioned by applications on your gadget

• Track down the most regularly utilized authorizations and the applications that demand them

• List applications that demand authorization and investigate which applications are allowed.

• Investigate the degree of security


• Intrigued by factual information connected with your application assortment?

• Track down the circulation of Android variants between applications on your gadget or sign the application utilized

• Track down the normal number of activities, consents or dispersion of Android and testament renditions.

The application doesn’t need an established gadget.

Open source, authorized under the GNU Overall population Permit v3.

Download the apkanyliser.

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