Best 5 Unknown Android Apps For Android

Hi, friends, this is Siva from tech Siva here we are introducing 5 android apps, you can download and use when the application needs. In this blog, you can get full details of all apps. I hope these all apps you not used in past days, Tell us which app you liked mostly among 5.

Best Apps For Android to Download

New and old Android apps are very useful for in day to day life so if you are looking for the best application from a particular topic you may get it from these top apps.

Top List

  • Magically Video Master
  • Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall
  • Material Islands
  • Screenshot Assistant
  • High Style Launcher 2019

The above list included all categories like video editing, launchers, tools, etc.

Magically Video Master

One best advantage is hidden in this app that is you can make a video within your local language simply without much more editing, This app mainly useful to make the 30-sec video in the best quality and video making duration time is the only 1minute.

Here The features

  • The video will be under a small size.
  • Speed maker.
  • Direct upload on social media.
  • Local save option.
  • Many categories.

Download the Magically video maker app for free.

Easy Uninstaller App

Mainly this app added in a Productivity category, This app very useful for all because there are so many unwanted apps on your mobile so if you want to clear them you can simply use this app.


  • You can select and clear unwanted apps at once.
  • No need to open and every time or search.

Download the Eas Uninstaller App.

Material Islands

Today our third best app is Material Islands, this is a wallpaper providing an app, here you can download the best wallpaper easily here all, night, day, love, emotion, etc.


  • Not eats your battery.
  • Never reduce your RAM.
  • 4.7 rating.

Download the Material Islands.

Screenshot Assistant App

Take a screenshot on important shots easily with one click. in this app, you can take a screenshot, editing, and sharing all options available.

Download the app now.

High Style Launcher 2019

This launcher launched in 2019 so you may try it or watch our video you can see all the features there. Launchers World is the developers of this launcher app.


  • It gives a good look.
  • Icon styles are very nice.
  • You can customize easily.
  • Select a wallpaper from your local albums.

Download the High Style Launcher 2019.

Friends, you can ask any questions related to the top android apps and also give comment which app you liked

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