5 Apps For Android Phones Try Now

Unfamiliar best apps try now on your phone from this latest post. There is no phone without app. Apps more helpful and it can reduce effort. Present there are thousands of apps are ready to use but before you install you have to know clearly selected apps works properly or not.

Also, try wave keyboard appĀ 

5 Android Phone Selected Apps

  • Dolby on
  • Pinnit – create & pin notification
  • RedSky prime app
  • Filter box pro app
  • TruePick’s – home screen setup, wallpapers

Dolby On

Dolby on app record any sounds perfectly. You can get the best quality recordings without high price device. Present all are android phone owners, use your own phone whenever your trying to catching any sounds.

This is very simple, best way try dolby on android phone. This is free version app. Not only audio, take video with good quality sound, this app can absorbs perfect sounds. You can save, share on social media.

Try this best recording app

Click here to download Dolby app.

2) Pinnit – Create & Pin Notification

Pinnit app has 4.7 rating, that means many peopl liked it. Try this best app among 5. This app works like a friend, just type and Create a pin, that pin will display in notification bar.

That pin reminds your schedule work, in busy times, office time this app works more effectively, sk once try.

You can edit, create, delete easily just with one tap.

Download the pinnit app.

3) RedSky Prime App

This app perticularly designed for entertainment, watch any fun video easily on this app. Watch Fun Videos on RedSky prime app.

Download the app.

4) Filter Box – Pro Notification Manger

Filter box is a free notification manager app. This app keep safe your un checked notification, get removed notifications back easily with this filter box pro.


Check date wise, safe and manage simply.

Download the app.

5) True Pick’s Home setup, wallpapers set up App

Almost all are updated wallpapers, get latest one from this true picks app. This app providing best home setup launchers, icon packs, etc. Amoled wallpapers also you can use.

Made up with many new features. Multiple things are available.

Download the app.

These are some best apps for Android phone, also you can get many best apps here. Try our old ones.


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