1 MB Games Try Now || Best Android Games with 1 MB Size

Technology giving us better opportunity always, people developing things rapidly, present days are very tough days so we have to obey and go ahead, this is not my sake it’s nation sake.

Try 1 MB size Android Games

In this lockdown situation why not you try some best games of course many of you playing high graphics games but today I’m sharing with you 5 best games for your android with 1 MB size.

Games with in one MB ! Do get shock there are many so download and play.

You don’t want to wait much time to download the game, the game will be installed in your with in some seconds. There are apps also with Mb size, try to use best 1 MB size apps

Now am going to present lost of Mb size games,

List :-

  1. Doodle cricket
  2. Snake 3d
  3. Fast math
  4. Air Hockey Classic 3D
  5. Word search light game

Now start download the game after you check the game type, features.

First game

Doodle cricket Game

Cricket is a one of the best game for all Indian and some others nation people, now this amazing game can be played in your phone, off course all knew about it what is special, here ia special that is ply cricket with in MB size, realistic game, developers mentioned that, you can any time without ads displaying after you scored 200 runs.


Download the doodle cricket game.

Snake 3D

Next game and every body knew this game that is snake game now playable in 3d view, this game size is 1MB.

Eat eggs increase snake length and move for new feed without die mean don’t touch your own body. Cool buddy.

Download the game.

Fast Math

Change your brain power from zero to better with some mind games among them fast math is a one game, this game can gives solving problems just think and solve them, you will get disturb from ads. Size only 179 KB.

Download the fast Math.

Air Hockey Classic HD

We are getting more features on on 446 KB size Game, 3 levels, single, 2 player, demo option available. Also you can try pro game.  7 points then you can win the levels first.

Download the game.

Word Search Lite Game

we already discussed this app, still any one not play yet try now, simple game, just search the word from the table. You can improve your observation skills easily.

Download the game now.

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