Text Scanner App For Android

Are you getting suffered when you copying text from images or magazines etc. So here iam giving a solution for that with best Android app this app can scan the text accuracy, speedy so if you have long length work like copying text or past some where.

Text Scanner App Download

The app name is text Scanner this app available in play store with 4.7 ratings, size very low so you can use anytime from anywhere.

This app providing to many features which are mostly require for people.

We must know the features of the app, text Scanner app is contining best features.

Features of text Scanner app

  • Supports all languages like hindi, english, Telugu, etc.
  • Accurate information can take
  • You can copy and past easily.
  • Copy to clip board option there.
  • You can in social media also.
  • Over all 50 languages can support.

All bugs fixed as considering developers data.

You can use anytime.

Download the app now. Text Scanner app. click here

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