Mobile Insurance Companies in India 2020

Everyone knows about term insurance and health insurance when they hear the word insurance. Have you ever heard of mobile insurance?
What do you think is the insurance for mobile? Yes what you heard is true !! Nowadays everyone is using very expensive smartphones to suit their development. Who pays for any damage to such expensive smartphones? This is why many people nowadays start insuring their smartphones.

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Best Mobile Insurance Company

Insuring a mobile phone is like giving phone protection. Insuring is responsible for the performance of the phone. These days no one seems to have a mobile phone. Everyone is using expensive mobiles according to their affordability. They are accustomed to using a smartphone for almost all kinds of activities, regardless of whether they are. This is especially the case when insuring a smartphone, for reasons such as theft or phone damage are high.

Insurance for mobiles

If you book a new smartphone online, you will receive offers from the insurance company after picking up the smartphone. Based on these offers you can take an insurance policy for your expensive mobile from any company. In the event that you have as of late reserved another versatile because of the current lock down conditions, I figure this article will be valuable for you. That is why I am giving full details about mobile insurance companies today through our website.

What is Mobile Insurance?

Mobile insurance specifically applies to things like mobile theft or damage to a mobile phone for any reason. Especially in India, only insurance companies owned by IRDA offer mobile insurance facility.
If you are buying an expensive smartphone then it is definitely a good idea to insure that smartphone.

Smartphone Insurance Coverage
Smartphone insurance coverage is as follows.
1. Theft: – Snatching someone, robbing a house, breaking into a house, stealing a mobile phone, and threatening to show a weapon and go to the lock.
2. Physical Damage: – Technical mal function in mobile, such as damage due to liquids, or screen damage.
3. Fire Damage: – Damage caused by fire to your expensive mobile.
4. Liquid Damage: – Damage to the smartphone due to any liquids.

Benefits of Insurance

A). Replacement or repair: – If you insure your mobile, the insurance company will cover the repair costs. If mobile repair is not possible then phone replacement is possible.

B). Accessories or Battery: – Some insurance companies insure a mobile battery. The insurance covers earphones and chargers such as smartphone accessories.

Insurance not applicable to
# Like self-damage or self-repair.
# Any manufacturing defects
# Software issues such as data corruption, virus attacks.
Insurance companies are not responsible for any of the above three issues.

Best Insurance Companies for Smartphone 2020

There are a lot of Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India. It also includes the names of some of the top insurance companies.
syska Mobile Insurance
Times global Mobile Insurance
IPhone Insurance In addition to these, many insurance companies have become very popular in India.
Let’s find out the specifics of each insurance company.

syska Insurance For Mobile: –

Named as the Best Insurance Company for Mobile in India. It offers Syska Gadget Secure offer to customers. This offer is valid within 15 days of purchase of the mobile especially the person who has taken the mobile must have completed 18 years.

Features of syska insurance
Track and block your stolen phone
You can claim insurance without any hassle.
Provides real time virus protection.
Protects against all types of damage. Of this insurance company
Annual Premium – Rs.1199 to Rs.2199.

Times Global

It is the largest mobile insurance company in India. The uniqueness of this Times Global Insurance Company is that it offers insurance for both old mobile phones as well as expensive new phones.

Features of Times Global Insurance

Protects against Accidental Damage.
Provides coverage for mobile theft anywhere in the country.
It also provides insurance coverage in countries such as India, Australia, USA, Europe and the UK.
Takes responsibility for repairing mobile faster.
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