Funky Pay App Download || Virtual Waiter App

Funky Pay app: Apps doing greate work against to the novel corona viruses, in part of stoping this pandemic spain country innovated new app to the restaurants, this app works like a waiter, you will get all restaurant item in funky Pay app. Virtual Waiter app, you can order easily with social distance. This app helps you at restaurants to maintain social distance.

Stop spreding corona virus..

Funky Pay Virtual Waiter App Download

This is new innovative idea from Spain funky restaurant people, this app now testing at many restaurants.

Really appreciated features are introduced, you can use when are at restaurants, already all items listed in this app.

Funky Pay app now getting very popularity, this new idea really good.

Trending funky Pay app android. IOS.

You can download funky Pay for IOS Also.

Features, Of Funky Pay App

Just select name of restaurants near you or were you seated, next open menu and select the item and process the order and get the food yourself, finish your food, with out any doubts, virtual waiter, you can order anywhere in the restaurant.

This app only provides the list of item, not a food delivery app but Waiter app. This is a small hope to Stop virus.

Funky Pay app has good, bad features, good is social distance, bad is unemployment.

This app launched today, now this app available in Spain funky restaurant.

Download Funky Pay App For Android, IOS


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