Edge Lighting – Borderlight Live Wallpapers App For Android

Hi friends, this is your friend, let’s try this best app on your android phone ?, this app going to give beautiful look to you phone screen edge. Now we will discuss about this app in this new post, so don’t waste time get the app.

How To Create copy and past app,

Download The Edge Lighting Borderlight App

Do you know you can arrange your phone stunning looks easily with less MB size Mobiles. How to decorate your hone screen setup especially edges with colours.

Many people thinks if I use this kind of features what’s about battery life, so app developers perspective of this negative impact, designed less battery consumption and specific colors consume less power.

We can use this app in our phone for stunning look purposes, this feature you can enable day, night times.

All colors are available you can choose best one.

DOWNLOAD The Edge Lighting App

Download the app.

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