Best Dairy App For Android, Simple App Extraordinary Features

Maintaining Dairy, its a very good hobbit, you can not your day easily before you bed. no need to carry the book or paper. here best digital dairy app for you. this dairy app definitely helps, very simple method no need to spend money, or no need to carry one place to one place, also no need to forgot fill dairy. very natural hobby in olden days. you can save memories and important notes in daily life. any time you can save that matter. another advantage is you can add pictures too. this is best advantages, this option can make more attractive your dairy. You can easily open any date. just tap on the year or month and day.

Best Dairy app

You can protect with password your notes. you can provide additional security. auto save option also there. you can convert into PDF file. you can easily send to anyone or you can save in your mail.

You can directly capture photo through camera option. you can use best photo editing app for better quality, enhancefox app. this app allows camera option directly. You can change theme, make beautiful pages. No need to scroll down for particular date, just tap on the calendar and tap on the exact date to get old data. quick save, quick search, you can put some hints to get data very quickly.

Font changing option, free hand writing mode, etc. Download the app. One negative point is, PDF not support for English language, keep it in mind. remaining all features are awesome.

100 % backup & restore option include. you can login in t the app for backup. you can connect to your gmail account. many amazing options are here. simple app for all android users.

Copy History Support, Clipboard Manager, Paste App

You can record copy Text.

you can past recorded text with single tap. in this app features mainly useful for all online workers. this app features are really saves us time. check all app features. if you know how to use this app, you can do copy past work very simply.

We can copy all details at a time. you can past them many times. just download and install the app, make sure open this app while copying something. all copied data available inside the app.

This app icons appears on screen when you working with this app. you can check history, customization option available. Download the app.

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