How To Add Stunning 3D Movie Effects To Your Photo Background

Hi, friends in this article we are going to learning how to add stunning photo 3d effects to your photo. in the previous article we discussed only how to change the background of the photo but now you can add different motion backgrounds to your photo that will be like movie-style simply.

Do most people think about how they added like those effects? you need to use some PC Softwares then only you can, but now just if you are an android phone owner you can do that with an android application just download from here.

How To Add Live Motions To Your Photo

Just follow our video or article you can learn simply.

Here just we explained about app details you can watch our video completely.

Movies Android app is a very extraordinary app to add like that still in the background, you can use very simply no need to learn about this app separately. The app features are also very impressive.

Features Of Movie App

  • You can add any type of background as your dream.
  • This app gives high-quality photos.
  • More than 30 background effects available.
  • More useful o create some fun and action videos.
  • You can share in social media easily.

Process, How to Add

Very simple,

First, select a photo from the gallery or open the camera and a photo crop the photo, select background effect and apply. You can adjust easily with the eraser tool. You can zoom as much as you can without losing photo clarity.

Download the Movie app.

Size 8.2 MB.

Final words: Really awesome app, guys if you like this article please like us and share with your friends they will feel very happy. this is a very simple app to add 3d backgrounds on your photo. Thank you fro your here.


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