How To set Any Song As A Jio Caller Tune in Jio Saavn App | Download Jio Saavn

How to set any song as a caller tune in jio saavn app is a very big task for all jio network users because before jio music and saavn music apps are individual but now both merged as one application, So in this post, we will give a total guide to you how to set any song as a jio caller tune.

Follow Step By Step Guide To Set A Caller Tune

First of all, you have to download jiosaavn pro apk file from below, After that, you can easily set any song as a jio caller tune.

There are many features are available in the jiosaavn mod app, so if you are not a jiosaavn pro user you can not set all songs as a jio caller tune.

In the previous article, we have explained about the jiosaavn pro. So you can read it from here or just click on the link it will take you there. Jiosaavn Pro Download

After you download the app you can easily set up everything normally so first download the app successfully.

Here we are providing a video it will help you.

Guys you can not set all songs as a caller tune in jiosaavn app.

There are so many methods available so today I have selected one method I hope this method will help you.

Now open the jiosaavn app and select a song which one you gonna set as a caller tune, if it is available set as a jio caller tune you can do it easily in case if not shows the option set to caller tune you must follow some steps those are written below.

  • First of all, you must use jio SIM card
  • Must enable jio data to set a jio caller tune.
  • After done this step you can set caller tune easily.

How To Set Any Song As A Jio Caller Tune

If you see Jiotune unavailable button then follow this method.

So, to get any song as a caller tune you must contact jio customer for that you have to send a message by using jio network.

Sending Number is: 56789

The message is: JT

 Download The Official APP 

After sent message, you will receive a replay message from jio customer. Now write your favorite song name without spelling mistake and send again to the same number.

Again you will receive a message so now read the message carefully and send your song number as you have seen in the message. After doing everything you song activated successfully.

Sometime it may take little extra time so don’t quite be patient try again.

Final Words: If you find any mistakes in the Set any song jio caller tune article you can contact us directly, please do not take action immediately. If any help we are ready to help you. Thank you for visiting this blog.

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